Get Involved

There are many ways to become more involved with LEAD, or any Partners Worldwide program around the world! I've listed some ideas below, but for more details please visit the Partners Worldwide website 

Larry Alsum and Rick Slager from
Wisconsin, sharing some farming
techniques with Liberian Farmers.

LEAD can benefit greatly from the professional experience and skills that you have!! In the past individuals from all sorts of professional backgrounds from Accounting to Farming have volunteered their time and gifts by coming to Liberia, meeting the LEAD staff and their clients and mentoring them on a given subject. Networking with global professionals has been a key factor in the growth of LEAD as an organization and guests are always received with joy and gratitude. Even if you don't yet know how your set of skills could contribute to LEADs operations, a visit to Liberia may open your eyes to a world of possibilities!

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